cocoa drink

35 % cocoa
300 g

Our BioKids Cocoa Drink convinces small and big cocoa fans with at least 35 % cocoa. The quantity of sugar and cocoa powder required for this product is sourced, traded and audited as Fairtrade – for pure enjoyment with a clear conscience. Fair-trade conditions allow small farmers and suppliers in the growing countries to invest in a sustainable future. Our Cocoa Drink is vegan and palm oil-free.

The benefits of our BioKids Cocoa Drink at a glance:

  • chocolaty taste
  • Cocoa Drink in fair trade quality
  • without emulsifiers*
  • without palm oil

*according to the specifications of the EC organic regulation

cane sugar*, cocoa powder*. Cocoa content at least 35 %

The quantity of Sugar, Cocoa Powder required for this product is sourced, traded and audited as Fairtrade, ensuring Sugar, Cocoa Powder producers receive Fairtrade terms. It may be mixed during processing with non-certified Sugar, Cocoa Powder, so that the total matches the amount sourced as Fairtrade (mass balance), total 100%. For more information visit info.fairtrade.net/sourcing

*from organic agriculture

May contain traces of: 

  • soybeans
  • milk
Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100 g unzubereitet
Calorific value
1676 kJ/401 kcal
7,8 g
of which:
- saturated fatty acids
4,7 g
70 g
of which:
- sugar
63 g
8,1 g
<0,01 g

Add ca. 2 heapened teaspoons (8 g) in a cup and pour over with hot or cold milk (200 ml), stirr and enjoy.

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