blossom honey

with peppermint

creamy fresh
250 g

Our biozentrale blossom honey with peppermint is a culinary creation of fine blossom honey and refreshing peppermint extract and peppermint oil – with creamy fresh overtones, stimulating scents, and a wonderful golden yellow colour. This honey speciality provides for highly exquisite flavour experiences. It is a real delight – especially in the cold season! The blossom honey is obtained from the nectar of many different flowers. Its sweetness and its subtle, mild-flowery flavour harmonise perfectly with the fresh taste of peppermint.
Our tip: try our blossom honey with peppermint in tea or other hot drinks, as a spread, in dressings or simply on its own. It is also perfect for baking, cooking or for creative enhancements.

The benefits of our blossom honey with peppermint at a glance:

  • creamy blossom honey with peppermint
  • slightly sweetish, flowery, with refreshing peppermint notes
  • very well recyclable packaging (glass)

99,8 % blossom honey*, 0,1 % peppermint extract*, 0,1 % peppermint oil*.

*from organic agriculture

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value
1.282 kJ/302 kcal
<0,5 g
of which:
- saturated fatty acids
<0,1 g
75 g
of which:
- sugar
75 g
0,4 g
0,02 g

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